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Feel free to discover our range of containers / harnesses for your reserve, main and AAD.

Many options are availables. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry. Once you submit your order, we will send you the customization forms and validate your order with the factories. We have as well some stock containers ready to find their new owners. Free delivery can be made the same day depending on your availability within Hong Kong

Main canopies

Discover our canopy selection and feel free to order the one which suits your needs.

Reserve Canopies

Discover our selection of reserve canopies. 


Here are the Automatic activation device, commonly known as the AAD. Your emergency backup in case of something wrong happen... Saved lives many times and is actually mandatory in most of the dropzones now !


One of the most important equipment in your skydiving life. Digital or analog, there are many choice of altimeters depending on your preferences. Never loose altitude awareness and find the perfect altimeter to know exactly where you are!


Because sometimes hard landing are not avoidable, because you need to fix your video camera somewhere, or just because you want to care about your head and do it safely and in style, we have a nice selection of helmets to fit your head.


Sometimes at 200Km/h it's quiet uncomfortable to jump without goggles. they can protect you as well from missed grips and severe injuries. Browse our selection of goggles and improve your style in the air as well as your security ! 


You can find here many accessories and spare parts. Handles, pins, pilot chutes, deployment bags... Everything you have ever looked for is just a click away!