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We are live now ! Hope will fulfill your need of blue skies and make your dreams come true... Well skydiving wise speaking!

Since we are in Hong Kong, we have heard since many years now many people interested in doing their first Tandem Jump or starting their skydiving carreer.

Well, as everybody know, it is absolutely impossible to skydive in Hong Kong. Our International Airport is quite the reason for this. As well as the territory is not that huge, there is no more space to allow any skydiving activity here in Hong Kong.

We bring you then some all-inclusive packages to get some distance and reach some less crowded airspaces with nice beach views and perfect weather conditions. As you will see on our website, those are really hassle free solutions for you to enjoy your first jump or start your training as a skydiver.

Hope our work will give you all you need and of course feel free to contact us if any information needed.

Blue skies ! Team

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