About us

Who are we ?

Our values

The value for money: We carefully select the products we propose. This requires both a thorough study of the products and the standards to which they respond but also the reliability and efficiency of our suppliers. The website Deal Privé provides high quality products and with a manufacturing quality far superior to the average. Finally, to improve the experience of our customers, we take care to provide you all of our products at reasonable and affordable price.

Security: We attach particular attention to the safety of your personal data on our servers. All data about you is stored on secure servers. In addition, the website Skydive.hk uses Paypal, a globally recognized as one of the most secure online solution payment platforms. 

The efficiency and speed: Because we know that ordering online can be seen as a long and tedious act, we prepare and ship your order in the same day. In addition we offer a delivery between 1 and 2 working days in Hong Kong.

Our story

Skydivers since long time we are jumping all around the globe as soon as possible. Most of us have moved to Hong Kong some years ago and as you know, skydiving is not possible here.

Talking about our passion and our lifestyle around us we have grabbed several positive feedbacks about our sport. Most of the people in Hong Kong really want to do their first Tandem Jump or get their skydiving License.

Skydivers world is quite small and everybody knows everybody. It is not rare to meet any other jump buddy in another dropzone and share some experience after a long day of jumping together. We have established partnership with some dropzones in South Asia and would like to share our knowledge and passion with our customers.

It can be tedious and complicated to organise a Skydiving event when you dont know anything about this world. Our experience and connections will save you a lot of time and you will really enjoy your special moment, from the jump out of the plane to the landing!

This is what we wish you and this is why we have created Skydive.hk